7 Facts About Philippine Call Centers That Will Impress Your Customers

Today, Philippine call centers are a major, competitive player in the global business and outsourced services industry. Hundreds of companies are choosing Philippines as their partner in customer care and other business operations. These companies understand that if you want to impress your customers, you must work with the experts in customer service and relations.

These are the 7 facts about Philippine call centers that your customers will find amazing:

  •    Our call centers are staffed with among the world’s most customer-oriented people. It is a world-renowned fact that Filipinos have superior customer service skills and hospitality values. What better way to impress your customers than have one of the world’s friendliest, happiest and most helpful people to attend to their concerns? Your customers will feel good that they were served with customer-centric, humble and polite agents.
  •    We use highly advanced technology and equipment. Do not be fooled by their Third World standing. Philippine call centers utilize state-of-the-art computer technology and equipment to meet the high demands of their clients. This helps ensure the outsourced services are delivered with the highest quality.
  •    We employ a Westernized workforce. Striking a rapport with your customers is easier if you share similarities with them. Your customers will be delighted to talk with agents who know the same things they do, even if they live on the opposite side of the world. This Westernized culture of Filipinos’ make forging connections and engaging with your customers all the more possible.
  •    Philippine call centers operate 24/7. Nothing makes a customer happier than a company who is available to help them when the need arises. The truth is these needs usually appear after-office hours, during holidays or times of emergency. Working with a Philippine call center allows you to impress your customers with ‘round-the-clock support.
  •    Philippine call centers employ one of the world’s most proficient English communicators. Filipinos have actually bested native English speakers from more developed countries in the Business English skills area. Your customers can count on clear and understandable conversations with highly educated agents.
  •    We have very hardworking staff. On top of their excellent customer and English skills, Filipinos have a very strong work ethic. Your customers are guaranteed to be served with agents who will go the extra mile to serve them no less than the way they deserve. The Filipinos’ hardworking quality can affect your customers’ happiness and loyalty to your company.
  •    We are well-supported by the national government. The strong infrastructure of the BPO industry in the Philippines owes much to the high level of support of their government. For your business, this means a continuous business partnership. For your customers, this means a reliable support service.

The Philippines has the perfect blend of qualities that seal their position as the top call center and offshore outsourced services location in the world. Highly educated, customer-centric Filipinos with flawless English skills make them the preferred manpower of choice of Western employers. Add to that their quality equipment and technology, 24/7 availability and strong government support, and you have one of the most professional, reliable business partners that your customers will surely love.

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