9 Myths About Inbound Customer Support

inbound customer support

Inbound customer support may seem like a straightforward business, but there are a lot of pervasive myths in the field. Even the most established companies make the mistake of buying into these false beliefs, causing their inbound customer support services to be less effective than they should be.

Is your business aware of common misconceptions in this area? Here are 9 myths about inbound customer support you need to break away from.

1. Inbound customer service brings money out of, and not into, the business

There’s this notion that customer service is just an added cost to the operations of any company — from hiring and training staff to investing in new technology — without bringing significant results. Businesses that believe this couldn’t be more wrong. It is, in fact, a revenue generator for your company. It helps you deliver better products and services, as well as helps you retain existing customers.

2. Few complaints automatically mean that customers are happy

Wrong. You need to look into the possibility that dissatisfied customers are simply having a difficult time reaching your business or they could be bursting out their complaints into their own social media profiles where the public can see . It could also be that you’re not doing something to survey their satisfaction level with the products or services you provide.

3. Price trumps customer service

Not necessarily. While customers like low prices, they are willing to pay a premium for excellent customer service. Likewise, poor customer support can easily put them off an affordable product.

4. Customers must be satisfied in all cases

It’s impossible to keep 100% of customers happy. Some of those angry complainants will never be happy, no matter what you do. But it’s important to stay focused on providing the best quality support you’re capable of.

5. Happy customers are more likely to spread news about your business

Studies say that human beings are more likely to take negative news more intensely than bad news. Hence, over 75% of customers who have had a bad experience with your company will talk about it to friends and family. Only 42% of happy customers will talk about how great your customer service is.

6. You’re better off spending on marketing and advertising versus customer service

Businesses believe that it’s better to acquire new customers through marketing and advertising rather than retain existing ones through customer service. Think again. It costs 6 to 7 times more to get a new customer than retain an old one.

7. Outsourcing inbound customer support cuts costs but compromises quality

Outsourcing is known to reduce costs, but recent studies show that businesses now turn to outsourcing because it enhances service quality. It connects them with contact centers that have the resources to provide top-notch customer support.

8. Outsourcing is an admission of failure

There are business owners who think that outsourcing is reflective of their incapacity to provide customer service. Not so. Internal teams face unique and tough challenges, hence the need to collaborate with an external party.

9. Small businesses can’t deliver great customer service
Though they have fewer resources, small businesses can still provide good customer service if they have a good understanding of what their customers want — and outsourcing can give them tremendous results.

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