Better Interaction With Call Center Agent Voice Tone

The impact on existing and potential customers can be destructive if the business gets its call center tone of voice incorrect. Actually, the way a person talks representing a company or a business is frequently more essential than anything else they do. All we want is to let the customer feel that we are speaking with real understanding and we do LISTEN to what they say. It’s not everything about banking a sale on your account. So call center agents should not be dead set on the idea of just closing a deal, or satisfying a customer’s problem regarding a product. It’s the TONE that sets an efficient call center representative apart from the rest.

With the importance of setting the right tone in mind, it is satisfying that a lot of companies are now investing to improve the voice tone of their employees, particularly the customer service representatives. It’s fascinating to realize that the only remarkable thing a person has on the phone is their voice. It is the one and only tool contact center agents carry all the time, yet so powerful in so many levels. So what happens when a representative talks on the telephone with a customer on the other line? Basically, they cannot perceive the facial expressions and body language of the customer. They can only rely on the words being spoken and the distinctiveness of the manner the words are articulated which suggests the logic of what is being assumed. In this type of situation, our listening skills must be sharpened further.

Setting the Right Voice Tone for your Call Center Agents

First of all, when your agents speak with the caller, you have to analyze whether their tone is normal or is does it sound like “don’t bother me!” kind of way. Always monitor your agents if they are slouching or chilling too much in addition to listening to them. You can observe from their body language if they are focusing well on the call. Gestures and movements such as playing with a pen, or looking around the office reveal that they don’t really focus much on the call. If you’re agents are acting like this, then it’s time to seriously step up and let them show a little enthusiasm.

What Agents Must Do

Your expression is phrased in a question-like approach for the reason that you are encouraging a response from your customer. Verifying or explaining what you believe you heard is understanding gained right instantly. You can raise the pace or alter the tone just a little (or simply moderate) for particular lines, words or a sentence. You may consider increasing the pitch faintly since this will convey enthusiasm when discussing vital thoughts and outlines.

In addition to this, you can change the way you sound if you need to or just for the sake of having fun while being effective. And lastly – SMILE! Yeah it might sound ridiculous, but when you give that smile despite the fact that the caller cannot see your facial expression, you know deep inside that you’ve done a pretty good job – and that is simply fulfilling.

It is in the same way significant to hearing and listening for speaking characteristics from your caller is the manner you articulate the words you apply during a talk on the phone. The lines of communication should always be kept open and improve the assistance and service you communicate to your customers speaking on the other line by putting in good vocal characteristics and listening to those of your caller with all your sympathy and attention.

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