How These Internet Entrepreneurs Used Outsourcing To Success

If you think that it is only the traditional corporations and brick and mortar enterprises who outsource, think again. The innovative breed of internet entrepreneurs also use this strategy to help them grow their online businesses.

From social media management to IT support, internet entrepreneurs have found that outsourcing certain tasks is critical to the success of their business. There are internet entrepreneurs who outsourced their way to more customers, bigger online presence and higher ROI. These are some of the Internet entrepreneurs who employed outsourcing with an incredible amount of success.

1. Pete Williams. Pete Williams is an Australian entrepreneur and online marketer. He co-founded three businesses that all rely on his internet marketing knowledge and skills to increase their customers. Williams’ main philosophy on outsourcing, called Core vs. Mechanics, allows him to just provide the core or content or creative output while his team of outsourced professionals perform the mechanical tasks. These mechanical tasks range from emailing, transcribing, editing and posting his answers to forum questions, creating his blog posts, slide presentations and videos. He attributes his successful market leadership to his consistent forum responses, which his outsourced team helps him accomplish.

2. Mike Scanlin. Mike Scanlin is a software engineer who founded the online investment tool Born to Sell. When he was building Born to Sell, he decided to hire Romanian and Russian IT programmers instead of local Silicon Valley programmers. His decision proved to be an extremely beneficial and strategic one. His outsourced team of European software developers not only possessed Master’s degrees in computer science, assuring him of their technical knowledge and skills, but they also gave him a fiercely competitive rate – $15 instead of the $150 hourly rate of Silicon Valley programmers. Since its founding in 2009, Born to Sell has already saved millions by outsourcing, and has grown to be a leading online investment tool product that it is today.

3. James Shramko. James Shramko is a full-time, highly profitable (earning 7 figures annually) internet marketer who was featured in the Entrepreneurs – Journey. He manages his online marketing business from home but with the help of outsourced professionals all over the world. His global team of contractors are responsible for creating Youtube videos and websites, software development and people management. He even has someone managing his outsourced team. His huge online business and multiple online income streams are made possible because he leverages on the skills of these outsourced contractors.

4. Gideon Shalwick. Gideon Shalwick is an author and online video marketer. He developed one of the most trusted blogging training brands called Become A Blogger with another entrepreneur. He also owns another online business in the magic entertainment industry. He was mentioned in “Why I Am Changing How I Outsource”, an article published in the Entrepreneurs-Journey website. Gideon outsourced his IT tasks to a full-time Filipino IT professional, whom the author notes is very efficient and helpful in producing Gideon’s websites and tech requirements for his businesses.

These four internet entrepreneurs outsourced certain functions of their businesses and reaped the benefits of higher productivity, better cash flow and more freedom. It’s about time you do too.

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