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Outsourcing Your Way to a Profitable Outbound Sales Campaign

Outbound sales, and sales in particular, is one of the industries that many people find a little bit awkward. Not everyone is born to be a salesperson, and not everyone appreciates the way some sales people do their job. The stigma of an aggressive, pushy salesman who refuses to take no for an answer may negatively affect your sales campaign results. Without the cutting-edge knowledge, expert sales strategies and people skills, any business’ efforts towards a profitable outbound sales campaign has a higher chance of failing.

Some companies have realized that this tough job of outbound sales should be left to the experts, opting to outsource instead of hiring their own full-time outbound sales team. Many BPOs offer outbound sales services that can be customized according to your company’s specific needs. Outsourcing to the Philippines, in particular, has been a common practice for many companies who recognize the talent and strong work ethic of Filipinos. While outsourcing your outbound sales may not cure the stigma that some people have about sales people, it has the potential to bring you profitable sales campaign results. Here are the ways how outsourcing can do that:

  1.       Outsourcing lets you work with economies of scale, allowing you to save on heavy labor costs. Hiring and training an in-house team of outbound sales professionals comes with a heavy price tag, and some businesses simply cannot afford it. Outsourcing your outbound sales saves you recruitment and training expenses because they will provide you the capable staff you need. And because BPOs employ many managers and agents to serve their many clients, outsourcing gives you an economies of scale advantage over your competitors, resulting in bigger savings for your company.
  2.       Outsourcing gives you access to quality work and performance with proven results. Some people think that outsourcing translates to poorer quality, but this is not true. A reputable BPO has a team of industry professionals with years and even decades of experience in outbound sales. Their combined knowledge and insights can help you arrive at accurate results and guide you in making informed decisions for your business in order to maximize your profits.
  3.       Outsourcing frees you from investing in additional equipment. An outbound sales team needs an office to themselves with dialers, telephone units, headphones, computer hardware, internet connection and software applications. Outsourcing your outbound sales will save you from spending for all these and gives you the option to allocate your funds in more income-generating strategies, increasing your chance to get more profits.
  4.       Outsourcing grants you better scalability. Outsourcing allows you to add more members to your outbound sales team when your business demands it without making any long-term commitments. Inversely, you can decrease their number during the low season. The faster ramp-up and down of staff that outsourcing offers enables you to focus your resources where they are needed at any given moment, helping you run a more strategic and profitable business.

You do not need to spend big on your outbound sales campaign in order for it to be profitable. Outsourcing is a smart and cost-effective way for you to get the equal, or even better quality results you want, but for lesser financial investment and higher financial returns on account of the cost-savings.

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