How Social Media Helps Customer Service

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Meet Bill, a 30-year veteran involved in the retail trade business, trading various goods and services over the years. In all his years in the business, he has kept a close relationship with is customers; he knows all too well that they are the lifeblood of his operations. Without his personal style of customer service, he admits, he would’ve long folded up and closed shop.

Yet somehow, he is starting to notice that something is amiss in his customer care dealings. Despite all his efforts to keep clients happy, there are those folks who look for that little extra “something” that he has to offer. There are a lot of folks who are asking if he can communicate with them, for instance, via social media.

Social, what?

Bill, not exactly in tune with all the latest computer jargon, is left wondering what this is all about. Once he discovers that it is the latest, faster way to keep in touch with the rest of the world, he contemplates on joining the fray. Yet he has a nagging question in his head: “Can all this Facebook and Twitter mumbo-jumbo really help my business?” Well, Bill, the answer is YES. How?

First of all, you get to communicate with your clients a lot faster and in an easier manner. No more waiting in queue just to talk to a customer care rep via the toll-free hotline. Now, simply post complaints and queries on Facebook or Twitter. On the business side, you need not go through the notions of a gazillion channels to post an ad in a magazine or the like. Simply Tweet it.

What’s more, why not try clicking on the name of one of your customers, for instance. You will notice that attached to it is a personal profile of who they are, as well as their tastes and interests. It is the sort of information that we used to dream of back then—how to get to know our customers. Now, we have it. Use it wisely, of course.

Yes, folks. These are just some very good reasons why social media would definitely be a very good tool to help in your customer service efforts. Magellan Outsourcing Philippines is a call center that offers this type of service, aside from its voice-enabled services. And now that it is one of the hottest things on the Net, now would be the best time to make full use of it. You might just be surprised how much your customers will love you for making life easier (and more fun, too).

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