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What Inbound Services Should A Small Business Outsource?

Perhaps you would like to try outsourcing as a growth strategy for your small business after hearing all of its benefits. But how will you know which of the many available services should you outsource? Experts say that the key to figuring out which tasks to outsource begins with knowing your business’ core competencies or strengths. Your small business may outsource the tasks that do not fall under your core competencies.

Selecting the service your small business should outsource from the available inbound call center solutions is easier if you know exactly what you need. Armed with this knowledge, the vast number of business process outsourcing (BPO) companies, call centers and their service offerings should not overwhelm you. Listed below are examples of inbound services your small business may want to consider outsourcing:

1. Live telephone answering service – your business may be small for now but your customers may already be large in number. A live telephone answering service can help multiply this number and grow your business. Instead of hiring an in-house team of receptionists which can cause a dent in your budget, take the cost-effective route and outsource this service to a call center. All your inbound calls will be answered by a professional, real, human agent and your customers will experience shorter hold times, resulting in happier customer experiences. This service is best for those small businesses with a very high volume of inbound calls and who experience seasonal peak or overflow calls.

2. Customer service / Customer support – customers need your assistance even after your office has closed for the day. Outsourcing this function gives them access to professional support whenever they need it. Working with a call center that operates 24/7/365 will deliver an upgraded customer service resulting in increased customer satisfaction, sales and profits. Your small business may outsource your customer support if you do not possess the customer service skills needed for this function.

3. Order-taking – order-taking agents can do more than just record your customers’ product orders accurately; they can also act as your sales and marketing team if they have been trained about sales techniques such as cross-selling and upselling. Outsourcing this function can help you push more products, and deliver a better customer service experience for lesser financial and time investment than hiring your own internal order-taking team.

4. Reservations – An outsourced team of professional reservation agents can do wonders for your business. Your small business may outsource this function in order to deliver a professional, ‘round the clock service to your customers, but without the huge investment in training new staff and equipment. Outsourcing this function also allows you to focus on other income-generating operations of your small business, resulting in your increased productivity.

5. Technical support – Your customers will be delighted to find competent technical support agents who can resolve their concerns with ease. Outsourcing a team of tech support agents also increases your business’ efficiency with lesser paperwork and overhead expenses.
Growing your small business is possible with the right outsourcing partners providing the services you need. Outsourcing non-core tasks for your small business can drive your growth, reduce your costs and increase your customers’ satisfaction levels.

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