What Incentive Programs Do Philippine Call Centers Offer?

incentives in philippine call centers

Incentives are quite useful when it comes to making sure that people know just how important they are and how good they are at the job or the task that has been given to them. Oftentimes, people just go on with their daily lives feeling useless and unimportant because they just are not given enough acknowledgment. Most of the time, they would only hear the negative things – like how they messed up with things or how they may have been the catalyst for making things even worse. Only a few people go ahead and say something nice. That is why individuals become stagnant, and do not push themselves to do even better. They do not know what they are doing right. They only know what they are doing wrong.

This is very true in most workplaces. It may be an order taking call center in the Philippines or a simple help desk call center service. These agents go to work day in and day out knowing that they are afraid of making a simple mistake because it would mean getting a reprimand, or perhaps a low quality assurance score or maybe even get suspended if they do things pretty bad. In the end, they only stick with what is required and do not try to do better things. They become afraid and shrink into a cocoon of fear. But that is not the way things should be. What is important is that you create a good program that would help them open their wings and push themselves to see just where their wings will take them.

This is where incentive programs come in. Incentive programs are quite a thing in the world of call centers and it is highly important that we take a look at why this is so. Rewards and recognition are really needed in work places like that as the work can put on too much pressure on the workers. Add to that the fact that the tasks can be pretty redundant and people often do not know if they are doing things wrong or if they are on the right track. It does not matter if you are in a customer support center or some other type of contact center. The thing is, incentives, rewards and recognition help workers push themselves to be better employees.

The importance of call centers in the Philippines

You would find quite a huge amount of call centers in the Philippines. This is because of a variety of reasons. One top reason is that it has helped the country economically. The influx of such businesses here has helped the Philippines prosper. More investors are coming in, and that generates more revenue for the country. The government even supports this industry quite well because it has seen just how helpful it has been. Before this became a trend, the country has been suffering from a low economy and had to deal with more and more Filipinos leaving the country to find work elsewhere. However, with more and more jobs being available, a Filipino can earn just as much without having to leave his (or her) family behind. Being in a customer support center Philippines is one of the most popular jobs right now.

Another thing that makes the Philippine contact center industry a big thing in the Philippines is that the government does not have to think much about creating jobs for Filipinos. With more companies sprouting, there is a huge need for employees. Filipinos can easily fill the role. They can easily get jobs because these people have a good command of the English language. They know how to speak the language and they know how to understand it as well. The country has English as a subject and it starts on your first day of school. They are groomed to be globally competitive and so getting in a contact center can be quite easy. Magellan Outsourcing Philippines can attest to that as finding the right employees is not quite a difficult task to do with the huge amount of interested candidates and a huge portion of that being very qualified for any available positions.

This industry has made a huge impact on the Southeast Asian country that the government continues to support it. You would find a variety of government programs that help train Filipinos to be competent enough to join the contact center industry. There are training programs and even schools that are accredited by the government so you can get your training as early as possible so your chances of getting in a BPO company would be quite high.

The government offers incentives to contact centers

Not a lot of governments offer incentive programs to industries. However, in the case of the Philippines, this industry definitely brought a lot of help to the country’s economy. Any incentive program that the government gives is actually their way of supporting an industry that has been very helpful. For them, by having such rewards, the industry can continue to grow, and make themselves do even better. With that, more businesses will be investing in the country and it would mean even more growth. Right now, that surely is quite something that the country still needs as it still remains as a third world country. However, despite that, it continues to strive and make a name for itself in the global economy.

Like sales incentive programs, the Philippine government has set some rules on how a company or a business can actually take advantage of its incentive programs. The country’s Bureau of Internal Revenue is now offering BPO companies the chance to set up shop and have its operations without having to deal with corporate income taxes for four years. They can continue to take advantage of that for an additional two years if they are approved for such. Of course, this does not apply to all who are willing. In fact, you should apply for such with the BIR. You would be exempted if your application has been approved.

Another program is the one where BPO companies can actually take advantage of tax exemption for six years and also a year’s worth of duty exemption from the customs during its first year. This is so the companies can actually set up shop and bring in all the needed equipment to get the operations going. It is, in a way, the government’s help in making sure that the business pushes through and so more Filipinos would be able to get the jobs that they need. With these, more and more BPO companies are encouraged to invest in the country and set up shop here.

The process of getting incentives

So how does one contact center get the chance to actually take advantage of all the incentives that the Philippine government is offering? If you were trying to get into this business in the country, it would really help if you knew how to go about doing so properly so that all your time and effort would not be put to waste. Plus, you would be enjoying the perks that come with setting up shop there. After all, it is not every day that such incentives are offered.

One of the top things that you should do would be to actually register your company. You would have to do this with the Securities and Exchange Commission and this should probably take you two weeks to around a month. After that, you would have to go through the registration process for corporate income tax exemptions. This is under the Executive Order 226. It is important that you do this and do not skip this part. If not, you can instead register for corporate income tax and customs duty exemptions. Now this one is an alternative to the latter.

These are two of the top things that you should do before you actually enjoy those tax exemptions. It may take you a while to get everything ready but it would definitely be quite a treat when you get approved for it. You would have to go through lots of processes but that is how the whole thing works. If you wish to get more information regarding this, you can do your research online or you can personally visit the Bureau of Internal Revenue or some other government agency that deals with such so you would know just how to go about doing so. You may also get professional advice and help from them once you do get in touch with them.

Employees get incentives as well

If you are part of the contact center industry, you would know that incentive programs abound here. You would be getting quite a lot of rewards and recognitions especially if you are doing pretty well. It is companies’ way of saying thank you for a job well done and for sticking with the company. Truth is, in the Philippines, plenty of contact center agents find themselves getting better offers from other companies. It may be more pay or perhaps more benefits. Or perhaps it may even be the chance to be easily promoted or the chance to be in a less stressful environment. Companies do this because they need the right people working for them. That is why these companies make sure that they keep their employees happy and keeping them happy does not necessarily equate to just giving them money.

Of course, it would the higher ups to actually think of great incentive program ideas that would not cost the company too much money but would keep the employees happy with the job that they are doing. Take a trip around all the different BPO companies out there and you would see that there are various incentive programs made for their employees. It is companies’ way of saluting all the hard work that was done. And on the end of the employee, a little reward for the job that they do is more than just a pat on the shoulder. It is something that they will be proud of for a real long time and they will not easily forget it. Employee incentive programs, of course, need to be based on what metrics the company would like to improve. For example, if sales are going down, they would have to create something that would help boost sales.

Calls handled. How many calls does an employee usually take each day? It would depend on the account that he (or she) is working with. However, if the client wants to have the number of calls doubled without having to spend too much, they can actually provide an incentive program where agents would be encouraged to get more calls handled.

Customer service feedback. Companies usually have customer service feedback so that they would know if agents are on track and to also see what changes need to be made to further make customer service quite significant. When it comes to customer service feedback, companies can create a survey or sorts where customers can rate the agent that helped them out. Part of the awards and recognition program would be to actually compute the scores and the one with the higher points get some sort of prize.

Team work. Most BPO companies have teams working for each client. With that, it is quite essential for the top honchos to actually have programs that would push teams to work together and work well. They usually create programs for team work. All the individual scores of the team members on certain metrics would be put together. The best team that has performed well would be getting something for all their effort.

Winners of these rewards and recognition usually get to have their face and name posted on the company’s hall of fame. Some even get other rewards like cinema tickets, food treats, vouchers, gift cards, and company souvenir items. There are times when there are monetary rewards but most choose to give tangible rewards for these last a lot longer.

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