Legal Processing

Our Company brings together the right arrangement of modified technology, process consulting and legal services. Magellan Outsourcing Philippines is committed to delivering greater business value for your business this year and beyond.

For both legal firms and corporate organizations, alternative outsourcing service provider is one that can make noteworthy efficiency and cost progress with the choice to unbundle particular parts of legal work to a lower cost. On the other hand, the essential advantages of leveraging legal process outsourcing providers may not be completely appreciated until a suitable course is intended. Also, it will generally set up to incorporate the legal process outsourcing work into your legal service model network.

Magellan Outsourcing Philippines’s legal processing services consist of skilled individuals working as a team that is committed to helping your law firm or department in all aspects of legal process such as rollout, procedure planning, and management. Our legal processing services will provide you a scalable, profitable and first-class resource to take care of lower value legal work. It will provide your experienced lawyers more time to devote in the more profitable parts of case work.

Our team will harmoniously work with your organization to strongly develop incorporated document workflow models and matter management to guarantee quality-driven and flawless execution of legal services through the combined legal processing services system. In addition, we aid our clients administer and plan for all aspects of the change process as well. This includes quality assurance, risk escalation, process optimization, and relationship management.

Advantages of Outsourcing Legal Process for Legal firms and business/corporate legal office:

  • Your organization will be in a position to endorse cost control as a vital feature of your service
  • As a legal firm, you’ll be capable to fully meet your clients’ needs and requirements. Rather than focusing only on the more lucrative intricate elements of a case, you will also be able to have less cost-effective lower level work.
  • Your in-house lawyers can focus more on planning strategic legal and business advice – leaving the recessed regular work to us.
  • You can boost profit and it will be more convenient for your clients when you take on cases in their entirety. It also generates the chance of a long-term and intimate client relationship.