Customer Service Call Center

Customer Service is now considered the New Marketing. Magellan Outsourcing Philippines has built an extensive experience in delivering world-class customer service outsourcing to large corporations, small and midsize businesses around the world. Not only does the company help businesses like yours manage customers, it helps you earn better profits while establishing customer loyalty over time.

Magellan Outsourcing in the Philippines takes pride in its years of expertise in customer service call center services. The company started as an inbound call center with 14 agents and 1 team leader. Today, it serves small and medium enterprises from e-commerce retailers to spa centers in major cities around the world.

Magellan Outsourcing Philippines offers a wide range of customer service call center offerings to help business become

    • More customer-centric
    • Establish their reputation
    • Increase bottom-line growth

Our Services

  • After-Hours Support
  • Inquiry and Request Resolution
  • Complaints Handling
  • Email Management
  • Order Taking
  • Dealers Support
  • Pizza Delivery Support

At Magellan Outsourcing Philippines, we craft a unique customer care solution which develops customer satisfaction. We can construct a modified program to achieve your customer and company goals – whatever your requirements are.

Our skilled customer service representatives can take care of your customers whether they need assistance with a product or service, accommodate their complaints regarding defective appliance, figure out a deceitful activity on their credit card, or they got the wrong shoe size and color. Our well-trained agents will serve as a mediator between a company and its customers. They will provide answers to consumer questions and help them resolve issues with a product or service.

Magellan Outsourcing Philippines’ customer service reps are completely keen and capable of helping our client’s customers. They also exercise great patience when dealing with irate callers, or customers who are simply frustrated. At Magellan Outsourcing Philippines, customer care representatives work with customers over the phone or via live chat. Our agents will deal with the customers on behalf of a business or company. Our customer service reps underwent further training as well. Our representatives are trained by our very own experienced managers and staff.

Here are the basic things customer service representatives typically do:

• Take orders, determine charges, and oversee billing or payments
• Listen and respond to customers’ needs and concerns
• Handle returns or complaints
• Refer customers to supervisors, managers, or others who can help.
• Provide information about products and services
• Record details of customer contacts and actions taken
• Research answers or solutions as needed
• Review or make changes to customer accounts

Benefits of an Excellent Customer Service

• Higher Profits
• Good Public Publicity comes from great customer service
• Satisfied customers is equals to happy shareholders
• Boost Customer Confidence
• Increased Employee Pride and Motivation
• Save Money
• Decrease in staff absence and turnover
• There will be a decline in waste because business owners will discover that their company will no longer be lavish in areas such as training, resources, or obtaining additional help
• Enhanced overall efficiency of business

Trust that Magellan Outsourcing Philippines can help you improve customer satisfaction through its professionally trained 24/7 phone service agents supported by a robust and scalable call center technology.

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