Email Response Handling

Email services need to be prompt and accurate, and yet many organizations fail to respond within 24 hours. Industry reports say that customers expect email response in 2 hours or less.

Does your business handle these communications promptly and professionally?

Magellan Outsourcing Philippines offers cost-effective, time saving approach in email management by monitoring email volumes 24/7 to ensure timely responses. We take care of your email and web-form enquiries to help companies

  • Increase response consistency
  • Deliver responses quickly and back it with processes
  • Personalize communications

There is nothing more terrible than receiving an email response by means of an automated system which doesn’t accurately answer a question. For customers, this is absolutely frustrating. Various email systems utilize automation to take care of bulk emails faster. However, this system falls significantly short on providing customers exact or concrete answers.

Today, it is pointless to use an automated system in handling email for the reason that it simply set offs customers to send repeat emails and they will resort to make a phone call when they don’t get an absolute resolution to their query. And that is a big inconvenience on the customer’s part.

Magellan Outsourcing Philippines is here to provide businesses an efficient smart message handling system that is proficient in managing aggressive increases in customer inquiries that will look after your business operations from accumulating unanswered requests and unsatisfied customers.

Our Email Management system and staff can help you meet your entire newsletter and e-bulletin campaign requirements, manage bulk emails, and set your business’s goals and objectives. Magellan Outsourcing Philippines is here to help you create highly effective and engaging email campaigns. Magellan Outsourcing Philippines’ email management services will resolve your email management problems by making it trouble-free to deliver outstanding email customer service with superior quality answers, quicker replies, and drastically reduced customer service costs.

Our services undertake these email management issues by improving email handling efficiency along with the quality email replies of our agents. One of our goals is to lessen handling costs and time up to 50 percent therefore your business will get an overall decrease in inbound contact which includes phone calls. Magellan Outsourcing Philippines applies exceptional workflow features and outstanding linguistics practices that will help your business boost the quality and precision your email replies with the help of our skilled agents and improve the overall performance efficiency of your company.

Whether your customer has questions about a product or an issue with a newly purchased device, you can quickly respond to emails and increase customer satisfaction. Our agents have top-notch communication skills and are trained to formulate content-rich responses.

What can we do for your business? Talk to us today.