Our web chat service provides real-time person-to-person communication through hands-on web chat, warmly greeting and assisting all your website visitors as they enter your site – at a lesser cost than the normal price. A happy and satisfied customer means more sales coming up.

Live chat makes customer communications faster, adding more personalized touch to your service. In fact, it strengthens the reputation of your brand. Magellan Outsourcing Philippines’ premier live chat services boost sales, reduce costs and provide real-time service on your web site.

This service is recommended for businesses selling products and services on the web. We support your e-commerce web site with our industry-leading live chat technology, highly trained live chat agents and management. We help you engage prospective visitors who may need additional assistance before making the final purchase.

Our technology ensures

  • Real-time chatting and messaging
  • 24/7 Support
  • Fully certified customer service agents

A lot of companies have been adding live web chat support rather than painfully watching possible customers click away from their e-commerce sites. As a result, live chat has the capacity to offer suitable answers that customers demand. Magellan Outsourcing Philippines is here to provide such essential online solution to your business that will surely help your company achieve long-term success. So why Invest on Magellan Outsourcing Philippines’ web chat service? Live web chat allows you to reduce customer service response time and increase customer satisfaction when you add this element to your business web site.

By providing stellar live chat customer service, your business achieves the goal of establishing a strong sales channel that can engage prospects, guide them through the process, and turn them into buying customers. Online shopping for customers can generate hassle when they are totally disconnected from someone who can precisely respond to their queries in immediately.

The Benefits and Advantages of outsourcing Web Chat Customer Service

  • Reduce Sales Expenses and Customer Support. Generally, web chat support will allow your company to reduce the cost of providing customer service via toll free telephone support lines within your traditional system of helpdesk.
  • Boost Web Site Profits. Nearly all online users browsing your web site would like to use live web chat and get instant assistance rather than wait in line for telephone response or via email. Remember that potential customers and other online visitors are more than twice as expected to acquire products and services after experiencing live web chat with your staff. With web chat, it increases and establishes customer trust and confidence in your services or products. Your customers are able to have their concerns and queries answered with no trouble right before they click away from your web site. Convenient for customers isn’t it?
  • Accessible Customer Service 24/7. Web chat allows your customers to immediately locate a customer support representative that will help them out with any query and information concerning the products and services you are selling. It enables your business to increase your company profits.
  • Receive Priceless Customer Feedback. This is the sweet fruit of investing on web chat for your business. Positive feedbacks are simply rewarding. Your company can focus on your customer’s requirements, comments, recommendations, and questions by receiving priceless customer feedback during and after web chats. The positive reaction will encourage you to continue to improve and boost your web site’s performance for your customers in the future.

If you are looking for a trustworthy chat services, look no further. Contact us for more information.