Order Management

Order management call center philippines

Magellan Outsourcing Philippines’ order management services have significant capacity to support a full range of service offerings in order management. These are carried out through a combination of quality-driven implementation, certified web experts and certified conversion strategies.

Our order management takes care of organizing, tracking and satisfying purchase requests for a company’s products or services. We can facilitate the tracking and management of several client orders in multiple service and vendor environments. We provide customer service representatives with tools for effective customer communications, and provide logical guidance for the assembly of targeted packages. We enable fast access to customer and product information in addition to efficient navigation within that information.

Businesses engaged in selling products online will find Magellan Outsourcing Philippines’ order taking services ideal. The company has the expertise in handling any call volume and any product catalog. We have been a Sales-Focused Order Taking Call Center, and have handled hundreds of businesses with e-commerce presence.

  • 24/7 order taking hotline center
  • Professionally trained order takers
  • Dedicated business numbers
  • Careful call monitoring to ensure quality
  • Shared and dedicated teams are available

Our order taking services can

  • Handle calls with accuracy
  • Increase satisfaction and build loyalty
  • Reduce waiting times, thanks to our 24/7 customer service
  • Do up-sell and cross-sell, if required

Magellan Outsourcing Philippines’ order management functionality absolutely meets the needs of both retail and wholesale businesses around the world. It caters to organizations of any size. We provide a comprehensive view of customer and product information on a single screen and facilitate order entry and order tracking through one of several user interfaces such as CSR workstations, remote points of sale etc.  We can also provide custody of the customer order management process. In addition, we facilitate problem detection, statistical analysis and performance measurement. We enable operational competence to be superior and hands-on handling of possible issues as well.

What benefits does an order management call center bring to business?

    • Increased customer satisfaction
    • Better customer loyalty via personalized order transparency and product offerings
    • Faster time-to-market by means of superior accuracy and summarized order processing time
    • Improved ROI

As a business owner, you will find that having an establish customer service call center will help you perk up your customer satisfaction and help your business grow significantly this year.

To find out more about Magellan’s order taking management solutions for businesses, contact us today and ask for a cost estimate and a free no-obligation, quotation.