Social Customer Care

Almost half of the world is on social media and it is turning customer service completely on a dynamic new altitude these days. Where and to who people seek for assistance and help is fundamentally changing today – and that is with the major surge of social media. Magellan Outsourcing Philippines can help you take advantage of the major opportunities social media has to offer. Build up your social customer care to accomplish your business’s goals and radically attain success. If you’re aiming to excel in business today, get into social media!

For the next decade in store, social media is here to settle, in customer care in particular. It is evidently changing the competition for every company’s customer service – talk about customer engagement, response time, gaining knowledge of instantaneous support issues and attaining a comprehensive view of the customer, and getting customer feedback. Magellan Outsourcing Philippines will allow you to be in command of your social media presence. With the help of our social customer care services, it will drastically improve your customer engagement and accurately reach your preferred target audience.

Major Benefits of an Excellent Social Customer Care

• It monitors private messages such as inquiries or questions and posts on Facebook and Twitter in real time so you can respond right away.
• Incorporating flawlessly with other Magellan Outsourcing customer service solutions to offer a complete view of the customer.
• It allows questions and comments to be directed to the person inside your company who can best provide the answer.
• Provides a dedicated 24/7 support presence on your organization’s Facebook and Twitter page

The adoption of social media by consumers generated a remarkable new customer service opportunity and improved the capability for businesses to efficiently take note of and follow conversations about their products and services. We at Magellan Outsourcing Philippines call this activity as social customer care. It is characterized as the efforts our customer support staff to care for customers through social media. These efforts are not essentially restricted to conventional call center agents working in customer service areas.

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