Tech Support

Tech support is very critical. That is why here at Magellan Outsourcing Philippines, we take support seriously. We make sure you and other customers can quickly get the expert help you need instantly.

Today, to keep up with the demands of consumer and surpass competition in the industry, businesses should offer, improve, and invest on end to end support services. And to keep pace with constantly developing technology, companies need to provide efficient an empowered tech support without having a few harmful impact on the quality of services they offer.

Outsourcing technical support is not a temporary cost-cutting means. In fact, every business should focus in having long-standing competitive returns with the help of superior technical help desk. Companies have to provide exceptional customer experience with the aim of offering customers with quality end to end support services. The increasing expectations and requirements of customers have obliged the companies to offer the most excellent technical support services to their clients.

Fast and ever-changing technology and budding sophistication of products and services is another aspect that bears the reason of outsourcing technical support services. In fact, this can be valuable for the customer retention and it improves business strategies for superior customer satisfaction level. Why should outsourcing technical support services be part of every business organization?

Here are some of the key benefits why outsource tech support to Magellan Outsourcing Philippines:

  • Excellent and Professional Staff. Our company provides the best-in-the-industry staff for our technical support services. We guarantee that our people are highly qualified for the job to give nothing but top-quality service to customers. Extensive and further trainings are provided to the staff to offer the quality services to the customers, thus, gaining more new customers due to the benefit provide by satisfied customers.
  • 24/7 Information access. At Magellan Outsourcing Philippines, our 24/7 technical support center serves as a constant online link between business and customers. Our 24/7 technical support staff will provide on-demand information and support to each and every customer or caller, regardless of the time and location. Availability is key and it is very important to let customers know that there is always someone to help them in technical services. As a result, it generates a bond of loyalty between the business and customer.
  • Money-Saving and Efficient. Outsourcing your technical support to us will help your business save lot of cost on trainings, infrastructures etc. Our quality of services guarantees long-term business prospects.

Customer frustration over a new device or an existing gadget is one of the most challenging situations handled by companies selling electronic products. If not properly handled, it becomes a huge problem, which leads to loss of customers and revenues.

Magellan Outsourcing Philippines has the experience – and the expertise – in supporting companies resolve technical issues. Our experienced technical support agents have the skills and the knowledge to understand product details, perform troubleshooting, plus top communication skills and hospitality.

Our Services

  • Basic Hardware Support
  • Software Support
  • Gadget Care
  • Network Carrier Escalation
  • Inquiry and Request Resolution
  • Reverse Logistics Services
  • Complaints Handling
  • Troubleshooting and Technical Repair
  • Warranty and Post-warranty Services

With our 24/7 technical support and help desk services, you can reduce hold times and abandon rates. We quickly develop front-line diagnostic processes that enable our agents to resolve issues quickly. We have worked with several companies in

  • Electronics
  • Music
  • Telecommunications
  • E-commerce

We’d like to help you in your decision to partner with an outsourced customer support provider. Contact us today for more information.