Not a lot of people see that call centers are not about taking calls and also being on the receiving end of things. However, what most of them do not see is that there is this thing known as outbound call center services and these are very important tasks that your business would appreciate having help with. See, most business owners think that the tasks that they have at hand could only be done by the people right in their office. However, the truth is, there are a lot of tasks that your business would benefit from especially if you do outsource your call center service. The truth is, outsourcing this support helps you get really good people who are trained to do specific tasks and you can employ these people for a lot less.

Magellan Outsourcing Philippines understands the situation and thus has created plans and packages for all businesses – big and small – for them to be able to afford and have the help that they need. Getting people and hiring them to do in-house work for them can actually be too costly as they would have to spend on space, office equipment, training, salaries, internet, and all other things that come with employing outbound call center agents. However, outsourcing would help you spend a lot less. Plus, you would be getting help from highly skilled, trained, and experienced professionals. That sure is a good investment.

Outbound call center services offered by this BPO company in the Philippines includes market surveys, appointing setting, lead generation, telemarketing, and telesales. Market surveys help you get the needed information for you to be able to get a good analysis of your competition and of your product or service. Appointment setting is a very essential part of businesses wherein clients come in for consultations. Businesses use lead generation services to be able to get new clients and new customers by doing cold calling. Telemarketing helps businesses inform the public about what they are offering them personally. Telesales works the same way except that it is more direct when it comes to offering the product or the service to the person that they are calling.

With that, it is highly recommended that you do take the time to check out just what outbound call center services have and just what good these services would bring to you and your business. Of course, not all services are needed by all companies. It is good that you check out and see just which ones would work best for your marketing strategy or for your marketing campaign. Magellan Outsourcing Philippines’ outbound service helps you achieve your goals and more. You can easily have the deal made and so you can have the work starting as soon as possible. Hiring people and training them is going to take you a long while before you can even start them doing the job. Outsourcing should get the ball rolling in no time.

If you are interested or if you simply have any questions regarding the outbound call center services that Magellan Outsourcing Philippines is offering, you can simply send us an email or give us a call and we would be more than happy to discuss with you what contact center services we are offering. We can even provide you with more information if you wish to have one.

Achieve Your Goals By Partnering With A Call Center Partner

To help businesses close more sales, make more sales, and acquire new customers, Magellan Outsourcing Philippines offers high-quality outbound call center services from appointment setting to telemarketing.

As one of the leading call centers in the Philippines, Magellan has the right people who can present your product or service with ease, ask the right questions, listen, and eventually close the sale. We monitor calls to ensure quality. We take a consultative approach in developing and managing your program, where it is Business-to-Customer (B2C) or Business-to-Business (B2B) sales campaign.

Magellan Outsourcing Philippines understands the need of organizations to impact their growth and expand their customer base. And the call center provider has what it takes to help hundreds of global businesses achieve it, having worked with several companies that require top-performing phone sales professionals.

Our Services

  • Lead Generation
  • Appointment Setting
  • Inbound Surveys
  • Market Research
  • Campaign Management
  • Billing Reminder
  • Up-sell and Cross-sell
  • Loyalty Programs

Magellan Outsourcing provides large, small and midsize businesses with exceptional business results, thanks to its team of well-trained, professionally skilled outbound sales agents and telemarketing managers. The company works closely with business customers to ensure that sales goals and targets are achieved. It takes pride in its nine years of expertise and experience handling a wide range of outbound-related phone campaigns – from market surveys to direct phone selling for products and services in a wide range of industries from around the world.

To find out more about our outbound call center services, speak to us today.