Telemarketing Call Center

Talk about excellent and effective telemarketing and telesales services, Magellan Outsourcing Philippines is the place to be! Our main objective is to provide you with the required information and details to accomplish successful and booming inbound and outbound telemarketing programs.

Our telemarketing team consists of qualified professionals who were trained in providing solutions which makes use of a unique approach without the scripts. At Magellan Outsourcing Philippines, we build a strong, lively partnership with your organization. We can adapt to any system and can perform excellently in any given telemarketing task that guarantees utmost efficiency.

Advantages of Telemarketing

What makes telemarketing an excellent avenue for business communication? It actually allows you to interact with significant people who make vital decisions within the range of your target market – people who have the needs for your product or services. With this on track, it will generate a regular stream of further sales opportunities. Magellan Outsourcing Philippines’ telemarketing campaigns are planned to go well with your business requirements and the results you demand which includes:

Lead Generation
Appointment Setting
• Lead Nurturing

We have the most efficient and skilled campaign team that will show and aid you through the campaign plan and arrangement including composing a conversation-based script, classifying the organizations to call, picking the exact kind of campaign for your business needs, briefing and training/meetings with operations team and agents etc.

Magellan Outsourcing Philippines can offer world-class telemarketing services in a global scope in nearly any business language. We currently run operations for several areas including US, Australia, Europe to name a few. Telemarketing involves lower operating cost than having an outside sales workforce to perform the operation. For small to medium size business, they can absolutely save a significant amount of money.

In addition, outbound telemarketing’s proven advantage is that company’s can develop their business by selling to customers in other sales areas, either local or nationwide. Telemarketing provides an approach to follow up with existing customers as well and keeping in touch with them provides you an opportunity to learn more about the client’s needs and build a healthier relationship. Improved customer satisfaction can produce an important impression on the success of your business in the long run.