Outsource to the Philippines

The outsourcing industry in the Philippines is among the industries always ready to lend a hand to the Filipino people and it keeps on thriving as country’s economy continues to soar to its highest peak. The majority Filipinos can currently benefit from working in the Philippines because of the outsourcing industry and they opt for the most suitable career for them which also give them a top-rated compensation compared to the minimum salary rate in the country.

Having been said that the Philippines is enjoying a flourishing years in the industry of outsourcing, what has been the key reasons why Philippines is today’s leading outsourcing hub around the world? The country has dethroned India from being the number one outsourcing hub in the whole world, and other countries just follow the Philippines’ lead. What makes the country the perfect hub for foreign investors and businesses?

Here are the top reasons why foreign businesses outsource to the Philippines:

Exceptional Work at an affordable cost

There is an immense difference between the pricing with the exact same service when you weigh against the rate of a Philippine company to a foreign one. Certainly, foreign business owners would prefer those same services for a reduced amount of cost, particularly if they have the identical quality of work as other providers who charge extra.

English Language Proficient

Nearly all foreigners can understand us fine even though the majority Filipinos doesn’t speak English fluently. Yet indeed, English is among the main languages used in the country, therefore we are familiar to the language to some extent. Excellent communication in the outsourcing industry is one of the top significant concerns that foreign investors have in mind. Business owners preferred us than other countries given that the majority of Filipinos can speak English and can speak well with them.

Ideal for Start-up Business Ventures

Start-up companies looking to venture for any type of business can also maximize the huge benefits of outsourcing to the Philippines aside from large scale renowned companies. Quality workers that can work full time can start earning as little as $200 to $500 per month. Salaries depend on the complexity of the job and the skills or experience of each employee qualified for employment. In fact, you can run your start-up business and have your small team for less than $2,000. With this modest budget, a business owner can have an entire team ready to work them anytime.

Hardworking Filipino Workforce

If you look at the stats of Filipinos (OFWs) working across all countries worldwide reveals that Filipinos have pride in their work, and they do their specific jobs exceptionally.

Their constant presence in those occupations is a solid proof that their employer’s appreciated their work ethics. In an outsourcing point of view, one can as well distinguish this attribute through the continuous investment of foreigners to outsource to the Philippines given that they love the hard-working attitude of the Filipinos.

Choosing a reliable and certified outsourcing service provider here in the Philippines is the essential factor that will lead your business to greater success. With almost a decade of experience in the BPO industry, Magellan Outsourcing Philippines has been tested and proven to deliver top-notch quality outsourcing services to all our clients across the globe.